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Our services

International trade company "Chicago" provides a wide range of services, special offers, and always ready to help with any questions related to the goods delivery from China, and not only.

The main activity of our company is the shipping from China to Ukraine or any other point of the world. Accumulating own seven years of experience and expertise of our partners and competitors by implementing a comprehensive approach to the issue of transportation, logistics and delivery, carefully watching the world trends in this field, we provide transportation services of the highest quality.

We will help you not only to deliver the goods from China to anywhere in the world, but also buy them at the lowest possible prices from reliable manufacturers and suppliers. Also, we will resolve any issues related to the preparation of customs documents.

In addition, the company is "Chicago" is organizing business trips to China and can assist in booking and booking of air and railway tickets, purchase all necessary tickets to the exhibitions, conferences, seminars, etc., organizing business meetings and matchmaking business. Our staff will meet you at the airport in Shanghai, will provide support and provide translation services, take a tour of a word will do everything that you were most satisfied with the results of his visit to the China.