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Business trips

Very often businessmans who have a specific business interest in other countries need for business trips abroad. And there may be some kind of difficulty, especially if we are talking about the countries of the far abroad. So, the independent business trip to China is not a simple matter, because in addition to a large geographical distance, there are many issues associated with legal, political and cultural characteristics of China.

Our company is ready to help solve all the issues related to a business trip to China. Extensive experience in organizing business trips is that differ very much from the tourist, allows us to choose for our clients the most optimal route based on individual preferences. In addition, tasks such as opening the Chinese visa, booking airline tickets to China, booking rooms in Chinese hotels, advance purchase all necessary tickets to the exhibitions, seminars, conferences, etc. solved by qualified experts of our company quickly and efficiently.

Given the frequently encountered "language of" the company "Chicago" will provide you with an interpreter in China, will provide a meeting and support and help make a business trip to a pleasant and useful for your business pastime.