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Procurement in China

Given the enormous economic potential, today, China is the sole leader in the export of goods in the world. Procurement in China - it is profitable and safe, but only if you are good can carefully control the process at all stages of product selection, to his immediate delivery. You also need to know the ropes in the legislation, cultural differences and, most importantly, to have good contacts with reliable and responsible manufacturers and suppliers, as well as to have a representative in China directly. For the majority of Ukrainian businessmen opening of its office too costly business, and work without it is fraught with serious risks.

Using our services, quality and rapid implementation of all your tasks related to search, purchase, transportation of goods from China, to become a simple affair. With a well-established relations with the most reliable Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, as well as the permanent representative office in Yiwu City, Zhe Jiang Province, our company will help you choose the best option, which in turn will purchase the desired amount of high-quality goods, minimize all possible risks.

Procurement of goods and their shipping from China to Ukraine with the professionals of "Chicago" is the easier and faster way for You!